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Monday, 11 August 2008 19:47

"The Ends Of The Earth" on Broke Recordings



Album out- July / Aug 2008    More info? /Features contact Sonia at above.

Antiform "Got To Be You"  Video!!  soon to be shown on MTV Europe.


" A great selection of artists that end up in one fat release!" - Jay Cunning Kiss FM

"There's some tasty bits on there for sure!" - Freq Nasty


Broke recordings are consistently found in the record /CD cases of many internationally recognized artists. Fat Boy Slim, The Crystal Method, Krafty Kuts, DJ Icey, The Plump Djs and Stanton Warriors.

‘Broke' is a regular player on Radio stations worldwide, scoring numerous rewinds with BBC Radio1's Zane Lowe & Annie Nightingale, to name but a few. Their music often features on TV and in film, most recently in an episode of the popular drama CSi-Miami.

The concept of "The Ends Of The Earth" project is essentially a compilation of only the best of the best, when it comes to breakbeat releases and some drum and bass, exclusively from the UK and New Zealand.

The sound of breakbeat based music in these two places is extremely similar, despite the fact that they could not be more removed geographically from each other unless there were DJs playing in both the North and South poles.

The Award winning Broke Recordings (Winner of Breakspoll "Breakthru Label" 2006 and "Best Remix" 2008, as well as "Best Label" nominee in 2007) showcases these countries love of bowel rupturing basslines together for the first time.

In recognition of this very fact, 50% of the tracklisting emerged from below by artists inhabiting a faraway place to the south of the equator as the other 50% was descending from breaks artists from the northern reaches of the The Ends Of The Earth we travel...


The release will be a work of art, not only musically, but graphically also, as Broke have commissioned the talents of US based comic book illustrator Dimi Macheras (the man behind the Radikka comic) to turn everyone involved into Marvel or DC Comic style "super heroes/villains/beings", for both the CD and the artwork for the full colour 12" vinyl picture sleeves.


UK artists featured are The Aut0b0ts, Screwface, Affinity, Unbalanced Jack ft Crown Jewelz & Killa Benz and the Original Junglist,  MC Navigator.

NZ artists featured are Timmy Schumacher (Passenger / Zone) with Bex Riley (Vocals on Noisia's "Gutterpunk") and MC Kyla, Antiform featuring Tiki Taane (Ex-Salmonella Dub / Shapeshifter), MC Twincam, and hip hop deities Ethical and Neesh and world renound Dn'B producer Agent Alvin (Hospital / Full Cycle / Commercial Suicide) with Dunsta. Antiform's "Got To Be You" single with Tiki has been further recreated into a music video which is currently doing the rounds on music television in New Zealand and soon to be released on MTV Europe.


The CD itself will be a whopping TRIPLE set with one disc being a continuous mix compilation expertly put together by Broke label heads The Aut0b0ts, who show why they are in massive international demand as dj's as well as producers, and are residents at Manchester's Fuse night, which took Breakspoll "Best Small Club" Award winner 2008. The mix even features some extra percussion, courtesy of the legendary Bez from The Happy Mondays, which came about from the fact that Tom Autobot has also dj'ed around the world in a partnership with the freaky dancer for the past eight years.

Disc two is the tunes in unmixed format, and the third being a compilation of classic breakbeat anthems from the Broke archives. There will initially be five, two track singles available on Vinyl and download, plus an exclusive digital download track. There is also a follow up E.P. planned for the end of the 2008.

And to top it all, the triple CD will hit the shelves in with a price normally reserved for a single disc release!

TOUR - The Autobots are heading around the planet for a nine date tour of New Zealand and back home again for some UK dates alongside all of the NZ acts to promote the album throughout the summer.  - Antiform "Got To Be You" Video -

as featured on music television in New Zealand and soon to be released on MTV Europe.

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