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Monday, 09 February 2009 22:04

The rave reviewed brand new single from Dekoy and Rob is out now to buy on Diverted Traffic Records via Beatport


"best release on DT ever, that is the dogs bollocks 10/10

will be in my top 10 for the next 3 months guarenteed"
- Rob Groovediggerz

Love the cadillic tune" - Mr No hands - Mixmag, Man with no hands

"A side is massive, best thing from breaks for ages! :) am using in a
mix." - Baobinga" - Fat!

"Really like this, wicked stuff! Cadillac might be the best for me but
I also like Bob Hopeless!!!! Will play!" - Peo de Pitte (Flatout)

"thanxxx, i must say...Cadillac Crash is very good but......BOB
HOPELESS IS HUGE!! here's a lil review:
thanxxxx a lot!" - Diego (

"wicked release from Diverted Traffic with full support from Beat
Assassins" - Jimmy Mofo

"holy crap Bob Hopeless shits on everything out there at the moment..
im totally in love with this track.. cant wait to play it repeatedly
down Beatz and Bobz tonight haha

full radio and club support n this one .. it deserves to be HUGE" - Benny" - Ben and Lex
"Loving the beats and rising bass flex on bob hopeless , def my fav,
great tune. No so on the caddillac groove but it's very well produced!
massive thanks, will def play Bob!!!" - Angel Farringdon

"Hi good sir :D this is one sick release!! Loving both tracks.. Will
spin both tunes on my radio show on nsbradio and on the nsb xmas
party!!! Thank you so mutch!! Top tunes as allways!! :D" - Mr Nobody, NSB

Bob Hopeless certainly has a swagger too, enjoying the cut up breakdown
in particular. Really got that "tough funk" style going there, nice
sound... looking foward to hearing more from this guy. 7/10" - 101

"Well, this release f**king smacks it! Sounds SO big! Really can't wait
to drop it this weekend. Production is tight, such a wicked package,
sounds 100% diverted traffic. More of the same please." - Catch 23

 "Both solid releases, will be playing both out this weekend with Rico
Tubbs, cheers." Craig (Resistance)
"Been playing Bob Hopeless  since WMC 08… love it to the bone!"
JMekka / ibreaks
"Can't say wich one is my favorite, they are both top tunes!
Cadillac is a great set-opener, didn't have the chance to play it out
yet, but it will be played in my promomixes and radioshow.
Bob Hopeless is a big funky dancefloor killer as well, played that one
last monday @ a party in Brussels... great reaction, especially that
last part of the tune. Played it in this weeks show already, got good
reactions in the chatroom.
I can see me playing these for quite a while in 2009 !" - DJ Kyulo

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