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Saturday, 05 March 2011 13:40
Malditos - Bass Star Dos -The Album - BSDD007
Very nice mix album, filled with nu-skool gems that just keep on coming.
One hour and nineteen minutes of continuous musical pleasure. Definitely worth a listen.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.
Sedge Warbler - LP - (Skanky Panky) - SKP_LP
Interesting LP to say the least, packed full of ideas and crazy amounts of studio skills.
Focusing on a down tempo genre, with some instrumentals and a few of the tracks lifted with 
rap vocals, this ten tracker hits with a punch to remember.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.
Nom De Strip - Step Back - SRR006
Mid tempo, with a lashing of vocal content, supplied by Loc-E.  
Three versions and each has its own way of doing things, from NuS-House to a patter that feels 
like a Stanton style drum groove.  All three versions seem to capture the modern club spirit.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.
Charlie Kane - Bass Invaderz - Bleach Fest Records
Five tracks in total on this Charlie Kane debut release which seem to stay in the Nus-House scene.  With tracks like these being let out into the wilds, producers are gonna have to keep their eye on the ball because the talent that has gone into this would be expected from a veteran rather than a fifteen year old.  Definitely a force to be watched in the future.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Elastic Fish - Chutzpah Of This Day - XSSRO16-E

Track 1 - Deenk RMX

This remix, although starting out on a mellow tip, soon kicks it up a gear and has the walls vibrating like a lady's electric friend.  Nu-Skool House with all the hardcore trimmings.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Original Mix

Wanna get the party hyped up, or just wanna step it up a gear? Then here's something for the believers.  This release starts out with one hell of a funky drum pattern, which leads into some serious shit, as in the good stuff.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 3. Peter Paul RMX

This Peter Paul remix seems to centre itself on more of a progressive, tech/nu-skool house taste.  Not sure if this version hits as hard as the others but in its own right it carries enough weight to please this type of crowd.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Specimen A - Forgot About Breaks/Where You Get That - FTECH045

Track 1. Forgot About Breaks

Mid-ish tempo Nu-Skool House, with loads of toppings and skills in the producer department.  Well used vocal sample edits that complement the way this tune switches from one style to another.  Definitely not for the weak minded.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Where You Get That

Nu-Skool House, with a slight degree of dubstep sounds and formulae, all resulting in a tune that could do well on the dance scene.  Mid-ish tempo, with a happy yet hard feel to it.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 3. Forgot About Breaks (Clean Version)

All the captivation of the original but a little more discreet when it comes to being explicit.  With all that cleanliness it's no wonder that the gripping baseline feels even more dirty.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Neurodriver - Battledroid/Trompeta -

Track 1. Battledroid

Modern Nu-Skool-House with an easy to follow 1, 2 beat.  Packed to the brim with harder edge sounds and techniques.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Trompeta

Bordering on the edge of the tech/hard tribal scence, this release starts slowly but just keeps on climbing the walls of intensity...         Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Jargon V.A Ft Tinie Tempah - Disappoint You - Cheese On Bread Records

Track 1. Original Mix

There's something about this release that gets yah tapping/swaying along with it.  Could almost be described as a bonus track with a good story.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. High Rankin Remix.

Don't let the mellow intro. fool yah on this one.  After the first drop it's all guns blazing with a perfect drop into some anti-matter dubstep.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Rennie Pilgrem - Street Legal 3 - TCR

Well, what can be said apart from he's gone and done it again?  Part 3 in the series, and this one has just as much impact as its counter-parts, numbers 1 and 2.  This edition shows that Rennie Pilgrem is more diverse than diversity itself, with a large range of styles, from mellow to upbeat: without a doubt this release is another for the collectors of good music.  Giving a total of 8 tracks I know where my money would be going..           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Tim Healey Vs Calvertron - Rock It Roll It -

Track 1. Original Mix

Nu-Skool-House with loads of energy and a lovely female vocal that sits on top like a lorry driver in his cab, the two simply go hand in hand.  The stabs in this release seem to be the main hook, but with stabs like these, who can complain?           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Dirtyloud Remix

Although this mix is pure dubstep the vocals and mellow sections make it stand out that bit further.  Dont be thinking that it's not a hard hitter, 'cause with bass like this yah bound to get blown across the dance floor.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 3. Kouncil House RMX

Well, looks like they've gone and done it again, put their stamp all over this remix.  Nu-Skooled, and fueled to the max, this remix brings all the added extras that you'd expect from Kouncil House.  Powerful remix.           Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Hedflux - Revolve/Rhythm Prism - BRR012A/B
Track 1. Revolve

A hypnotic little track from Hedflux, that maintains a sweet skip on a steady house 1, 2 house style step.  Almost trancer, but enough involvement to  keep the mind and body active.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Rhythm Prism
This one is sure to find itself in a good few people's boxes due to its automatic attraction.  This is surely the kind of release that can bridge the gaps that separate styles.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

3 to the 4 - BR AD
Nu-Skool House, mid tempo and strong in out, this release offers the wobble and slurs that leave enough room for the beat to jump through nicely.  Minimal use of a vocal sample, but this has also been well placed.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Dirty Filthy - BR AD

This tune immediately gives the feeling of a time of older house music, maybe even Detroit.  Made modern with a host of skills, it's not long before it's brought right up to date. Not sure if it would reach the top of the pile but it could very possibly find itself being put into a set.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Gaytan and Aviators - BR AD
"Housed-Nu-Skool meets the funk in a technical age" may best describe this release.   Good builder, with sounds that are pleasant to the ear, while at the same time giving off a bit of grunge.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Nom De Strip Ft. Loc-E - Step Back 
Track 1. Club Cut Mix

All the ingrediants of a present day dance floor classic, Loc-E drops a lyrical content that give rise to hands in the air hook.  This one just keeps on building.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Dustin Houlton remix.
Straight in with a swagger that gives a feeling of more drum movement than there actually is, but this is a good thing for sure.  Nothing is taken away when it comes to patter, even though the main hook is quite a prominent one.  Everything sits well and a party atmosphere could be maintained with tracks like this.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 3. Vocal Mix
It's all about the Loc-E on this one, with loads of emphasis on keeping his tone going with those all important echoes and tweeks.  Powerful contents that reach across and tell yah to start moving. Style loads of that blasting hook, so all could be pleased with this one.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Ben and Lex - Ruffnecks - FB063a/b
Track 1. Original Mix

Lovely little pacer that incorporates a list of drum patterns that are placed just right to keep the  environment bubbly, with a party current just itching to get out.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 2. Atomic Hooligan Mix
With a reggae skat opening at the beginning, which immediately melts its way into a pot of jump and skip beats, this has atomic Hooligan's stamp all over it.  Twisted, like a wet shirt getting hand dried by a  muscle man, you may well find yourself twisting and turning to this on the dance floor.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.

Track 3. Jinx Remix

Completely different direction taken on this mix, and it pays off well with the use of some floating keys; all is revealed after a slicing of vocal sample.  A sufficient spraying of drums keeps this one rolling as almost five and half minutes are given to the world of music.  Deep but bubbly to say the least.            Daddy 'Smoke Em' Up Fingaz.