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Saturday, 07 May 2011 18:06

Tripswitch - Sterogram - EP Section Records

Boasting a total of five different mixes, includng the original itself, this mainly chilled out Tripswitch and remixes release goes nice and deep.  The Solar Fields remix is full of space and very floaty, while the remix by Abakus takes the tune to a mellow emptied out drum and base style pattern but keeps the mood relaxed.  Adham Shaikh then comes with his remix that, although bringing a dubstep drum section, keeps the atmosphere at a chugging level - and this works well.  Tripswitch 808 remix goes almost early electro, but has an almost cinematic effect which also works extremely well.  Last but not least the original cut, which feels like it's just come back from a trip to the sun and simply wants to share that warmth with everyone, results in a nice laid back almost hippy kinda' experience.

Monk3ylogic - Bass Effex EP -
With 4 mixes, including the likes of Monk3ylogic's original mix, Mike Method's remix, Eastmann's remix as well as Hedflux's remix, this track gets taken across the seas of tech-house to nuskool-housed beats and fillings.  Each remix release stands out in its own right but Headflux remix seems to be the one that really jumps out and grabs yah by the Coolios.  In all, four very good releases.

Dirtyloud ft. SirReal - Needle - Surfer Rosa
Track 1. Original Mix

Powerful to say the least, and with the way the drums switch between styles of modern house and dubstep then back again, it's not long before you're bobbing to its groove.  With all the trips and whips of present day studio skills, while also aimed at the harder dance scene, this track should do very well.

Track 2. Dirtyloud’s Dirty Dn'B Mix

Time for the jump up, and with this release the energy is overflowing in each and every direction.  Dubstep formulae but rolled out on some headrushing D 'n' B, and still with a heart penetrating breakdown near the middle section; I can only dare yah not to be compelled to move.

Track 3. Glitter Remix

This remix by Glitter flows with a house/tech(ish) kinda grove to it which works well as it continues to rise at a steady tempo.  Limited use of the vocal, and then the way in which it loops, also works well with everything else going on in this gradual builder of a tune.

Mars ft Xim & Bass – Sorrow - XSSR018

Track 1. Original Mix

With a slightly off-step drum pattern this release gives it that little bit extra.  After getting used to the skip of the drums a taste of the midi section is laid out until the bridge; then the drums disperse and give way to an amazing breakdown which builds well for the big time come back, with loads of hard pulled out of the bag.

Track 2. Dub Elements Remix.

All the best bits and pieces of the original but this time the swagger's gone all out dub-step.  Dial turning and frequency manipulation to the extreme as Dub Elements take their remix to the boundaries.  Very powerful remix that could tear any standard speaker.

Track 3. Quadrat Beat Remix

Nice easy building intro on this remix which soon harnesses the full potential of the nu-skool-house scene.  Although the beats are nu-skool-housed the rest of the track seems dedicated to the dub-step as it blasts and explodes various techniques used in that area.  Lovely use of the vocals sections increases the effect of this already high hitting tune.

Killaflaw - Happy Dayz - WST31

With a total of 8 varied mixes on this Killaflaw release there's sure to be a winner for just about everyone.  Mixes include, Original, Losers, Zero-B, two Radion Mixes, one of which is an instrumental. This rock/band style tune gets given a lot of musical scope.  Rock, Electro-House and Dub-Step, are all represented in one way or another, so select the style of choice and prepare to be entertained.

Tripswitch - Sterogram Pt1.

Five mixes in total ranging from laid back electro(ish) house to chilled beats and even a relaxed out dubstep/chugging version.  Each one delivers the goods in its own way so be prepared for a musical excursion with this one.  Remixes on this release include the likes of Luke Chable, Nick Brennan, Aurtas and Codemonkey.  This one should start to get yah ready for those summer months.

2D - Step Express -

Track 1. Give A Little Love
Dubstep that actually incorporates the essence of a full-on dub band for a change, which I must say works an absolute treat.  Nice vocals, nice patta, nice swagger, and nice to know it's gonna be on the shelves.  Top Tune.

Track 2. Soundboy Killa

2D have captured a great sound style and have laid it out in a way that's live and direct.  Propah dub, almost studio one standard, but with that all important modernisation.

Track 3. Zombies Skank

Although the first two tracks concentrate more on the dub feel, this release takes itself onto the dance scene with an uplifting feel of a rave track.  This tune brings back the atmosphere of big outdoor raves but seems to do it with a certain reverance.  Without doubt one for the collection and playlist.

Albert E.P

Track 1. Darling Now

Lovely little number that greets the ears like feet into slippers.  Although there is definite dubstep in there, it doesn't take over the feeling, neither does it take anything away from the track.  Floaty, but in the nicest sense of the word.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 2. Side Showed Out
This one from Albert starts out with a lovely light style skip that gets accompanied by a very heavy, yet still flavoured, baseline.  Even if dubstep's not really your cuppa, this may be the one to change all that for yah.  Intel-Dubstep may best sum this one up.  Top Tune.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 3. Can’t Lie Still

This one's for those who like the dubstep; but not all out and out banging at yah ear lobes, more the type of dubstep that dub heads would actually enjoy and get lifted to.  Drifty, yet not too tripped out.  Strong Tune.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 4. Whore’s Bath

This release from Albert almost has that Ninja Tunes feel to it, as if in a comparison parade, but believe me, this is a good thing, not a minus.  At last someone who's not afraid actually to make their dubstep sound dubby.  Type of tune that would drop well on a bright sunny day.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Flore - La Folie Des Glandeurs E.P. - Botchit & Scarper
Track 1. Pum Pum Gal (I.D Rmx)

Dance floor, but with loads of jump up flavour, or, should I say, boistrous whinnee-whinnee, for those that know...                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 2. La Folie (Lawgiverz Rmx)

Deep on the downtempo, but at no stage let that be mistaken for mellowness, as once this one drops it gives way to dubstep-rock with all the thrills and spills of an alcoholic on overdrive carrying two pints of lager and a packet of crips.  Lower tempo, but a real banger.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 3. Pum Pum Gal (Dodge Vyrus rmx)

Dodge Vyrus surely put their spin into place on this remix, with loads of room, even though, really, there's a lot going on.  Twists, grips and Chinese burns, and that's just the baseline.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 4. The Overnighters Song (Albert's Winter Depression rmx)

This remix sees Albert take it to the far side in a way which seems to open the tune to a completely different level.  Might not get yah dancing and prancing, but then again, not all music is for that.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 5. La Folie des Glandeurs (Sparks rmx)
Lower tempo with an amazing opening that builds into more and more.  Very addictive hook with some, but not too much, vocal going on.  Nice tune.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Mike Rigler Vs. Coppa - Back For Real - Proper Nightlife Records

Track 1. Original Mix

Around about the mid tempo marker, this release brings through the modern sounds of the nu-skool in such a way that it's bound to be a strong bouncer on the dance floor.  Strong, lyrical content, with a catchy hook.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 2. Ben & Lex Remix

This remix from Ben & Lex takes this track that bit further when it comes to jumping and pumping. It incorporates sounds and styles you'd expect to hear on flat out dubstep tunes but with a pick it up drum section that carries it all the way.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 3. Instrumental

All the fun and antics of track two but this time with no vocal sections, so if yah liked the Ben & Lex remix, I think your gonna love this one as well.  Gives off a party feel that's sure to go down well in this scene.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Aeph & Dabs - 'Madbox'/Maztek - Floating - Modulate Recordings - MOD007

Track 1. Madbox

Aeph & Dabs D&B track with a seriously head bopping roll to it.  Not too in yah face, but defintitely safe and secure.  Switch in style about half way through into a budstep pattern, then it's back to the jump up after the stringish section leads yah back in.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Track 2.  Floating

Maztek brings this one in nice and easy but you know the style, don't let that fool yah, as once it's in, believe me, it's in.  Powerful to say the least and with the way this one comes through the speakers, I'm pretty sure it will do well.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

The Love Theme Ft. Jonah K - Boogaloo - Jonah K Remix

Track 1. Electro meets dubstep on the battlefields of music, then decides to incorporate both their strengths as one.  Hell of a lot going on in this track but all is well as the two styles seem to combine very well.  More dubstep than electro but in these times, that is to be expected.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Jonah K - Eye Of The Storm

Four ranging style dubstep tracks on this release from Jonah K, and all with that special little something.  The tunes, in order, are Bigmouth, Hippies, Odin's Beard and Eye Of The Storm.  Big influence from the electro sound but with all the studio dubstep skills.  Four good tunes.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Rennie Pilgrem - Erica's Fix

Track 1. Erica's Fix

Oh my good gosh, is it real...?  All respect to the man, Rennie has done something that needs to be followed, a combination of Jungle with Breaks, yep, that's right, I said "Breaks".  Lively and uplifting and a must for the bigger speaker.  Top Tune.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Tim Healey ft. Top Cat + Pippa Trix - Tempting To Touch

Five different versions given on this release, Original, Darth & Dader Remix, Atomic Drop Remix, Audio-Spektics Remix and Grand Ruckus Remix, so if between these yah can't find one to float yah boat, then there's surely worries.  From almost straight reggae style to house, even dubstep, it seems most of the genres have been catered for.  One to watch, especially the Grand Ruckus version.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

J Hazen Remixes - (Various Artists/Tracks) - Sound Of Habib

Totalling a mega eight tracks this release features remixes by SOTEG, Gella, Kraymon, 601, and that's not mentioning the four J Hazen tunes.  A seriously good collaboration of originals and remixes, each giving its own interpretation.  With a host of artists such as these you know it's in your own best interest to check this one out further.  Electronic/Dubstep.                   Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

BIG MAMA EP Pt 1 Riot Riot Electrique/BIG MAMA EP Pt 2 Riot Riot Broken - Demolition Disco - Big Mamma - Riot Riot Records.

All the big guns are out on these releases on Riot Riot Records; a staggering eight tunes fully make up the weight.  Bordering more on the Electro-House-ish side of the wall these tunes take on board a vast array of far reaching boundaries that take each track into a specific realm of its very own. StereoHeroes, Aerotronic, Junkietron, Captain Funk, Access Denied, Hanuman Tribe and B-Phreak, all play their part in various degrees with each supplying a remix.                    Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz

Jay Cunning and One Sinner - Bad Girls/Bad Man - Sub Slayers

Another five-track release for all you music junkies out there.  Bad Girls - Original Re-Mastered, High Rankin Remix, Schema Remix; then there's Bad Man - Original Re-Mastered and DaVIP Remix.  From the electro-sound to the streets of dubstep these releases could hold their heads up high in the arena of household producers.  Maximum big-ups go to Schema for his pure re-worked magic.  
                    Daddy "Smoke Em' Up" Fingaz