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Monday, 18 July 2011 18:59
Skanky Panky - Various Artists EP - Volume 3

Yep, that's right, people, you heard it right, there's yet another EP release from the Skanky Panky crew. Comprised of 5 tracks in total, including the likes of JmeJ, K+Lab, Stickybuds, Son of A Glitch ft. Adam Rowdyman and finally Jazz Mags. The tracks in order are:

JmeJ - The Champion
K+Lab - Talking Smack
Stickybuds - Boh Riddim!
Son of A Glitch ft. Adam Rowdyman - Together
Jazz Mags - 108 Track

And they range almost across the whole board, from downtempo and reggae to electro-ish and modern dancefloor justice. Very good next instalment from the Skanky Panky label.

Tim Healey vs Atomic Drop ft. SirReal - Take Control - Surfer Rosa

Four varying versions have been made of this release - Original Mix, Headflux Remix, Zen Death Squad Remix and the VIP Dub Mix. Concentrating on the modern dance floor merge that has happened over the last few years, Nuskool and House are melted together to create that up-to- date sound. Each mix is very different in its influence on the speaker box but all versions will claw at the bottom base end and have you, at the very least, doing the "neck dance".

Studio Rockers - Shansh (Dub) - Jazzsteppa

Modern electro-dub with elements of dance warfare may best decribe this track. Hypnotic, yet still sets the mood in good stead by using an array of studio skills. All in all, a very good representation from the Jazzsteppa firm.

Jazzsteppa and Foreign Beggars - Raising the Bar

Track 1. Original Mix

Almost a bit of everything has been packed into this release - reggae style intro, modern urban patterns with upfront lyrics and, near the end section, a sweet switch into a dubstep riddem. Very well thought through.

Track 2. Wascal RMX

Almost an abstract style start but once underway this remix does what it says on the can. The beats on this track are like a garage come FreQ Nasty kind of merging, with good results. Less emphasis on the vocal lyrics but this too seems to work well.

Track 3. Stray RMX

If raising the bar is the name of the game then get set for a remix. Converted to an old school type amen beat, this remix goes flat out D n B, once again with less use of the lyrics. Sounds to me like some good old jump on in the dance.

Track 4. Stray RMX

Stray are back on the remix once again but this time the direction is dubstep; and with a busy bubbling pattern like this how could you go wrong? Lyrics work well on this remix and seem to stand even stronger than the other versions. Very, very catchy indeed. Top Tune

Karton Ft Fraksha - Bang

This release goes straight into the dubstep realms, and I mean hard and fast. Sure to be a top choice among the harder hitters.

Karton - Girl With Vertigo

Still rolling with the dubstep but this time the focus is almost house-dubstep, but with a nice roll to it.

Karton - Feed The Horde

Dubstep banger with a nice twist on the drum section towards the end.

Unique 3 - Shades Of Grey -

With a total of seven mixes, there's surely a little something for everyone no matter what it is that floats yah boat. With names such as Akiri Kiteshi, Socco Chico, Travino, Alison Marks, TZR as well as a Mad EP remix, be prepared for something nice. The mixes range from varied house to dubstep, and each with its own impression. All in all a good release.

Aquasky + Diane-Charlemagne - You Take Me There ft. Diane Charlemagne/Feel The Sound ft Lady Roller- Passenger

Track 1. You Take Me There

This release seems to take a bit of inspiration from nearly every type of dance music which, in this case, works exceedingly well. Main theme of the tune circles round a dubstep pattern but this slips and returns through a couple of styles. Strong vocal from Diane Charlemagne that's not been overused but has just as much effect. Good dubstep but at the same time a good allrounder.

Track 2. Feel The Sound

Definitely on a par with 'You Take Me There' but this time the theme stays on a dubstep patta. Loads of twists and a mutilated but calming breakdown about halfway through. After the breakdown it's straight back to the jumping and pumping sounds you can always expect from Aquasky.

Balkan Mashina - Gypsilectro - RRE005

Strapping in for a total of 6 varied mixes, including Sawgood, 2 Beef Theatre mixes, Flore, Hanuman Tribe and Moonmen Inc. These tracks range from dubstep, house, downtempo and even a kind of poppish version. Each different mix carries itself in a different but effective way, so look out for this one if yah can.

J Hazen Remixes

Track 1. Bitch (J Hazen Remix) - The New Up

This one hits like a downtempo nu-skool-house track, with an almost Gary Numan feel to it. Voxed vocal that transforms itself into a deep female vocal.

Track 2. Delta (J Hazen Remix) - Sonic Valium

Ambience with a downtempo theme, not that that's a bad thing as this release seems to go that bit further by introducing a catchy swagger to it. Calming yet on the pulse.

Track 3. Slick Tricks (J Hazen Remix) - Kraymon

Absolutely loving what J Hazen has done with this one - it's like a ninja tune meets nu-jazz but keeps it on a dancefloor tip. The beat signature on this keeps it rolling even though some of the additional parts are pure abstract.

ROCST66DA - Damn Horns - The Freak Out EP

Track 1. Master

Modern Nu-Skool-House scattered with elements of dubstep but only in as far as the hook sound that's been used. Although this track may at times feel quite empty it definitely sets a style of its own which works well.

Track 2. The Beatmonkeys Remix

This remix takes this release full on into the dubstep arena with no holds barred. Good breakdown about halfway through that almost sounds like an oldschool slipmat track, but on the other side of this comes the full on strength of modern dubstep but with a straight drum pattern.

Track 3. The Freerange Dj's Remix

Starting out with the ingredients of a D'n'B tune this remix seems to go the whole hog by then switching into dubstep with all those nasty little sounds and twists that you'd expect to hear. So fasten your seat belts and prepare to be excited by this release.

Track 4. Damn Horns Vs Harry J Allstars - Liquid Heater

Taking the original sounds from the reggae track 'the liquidator' this tune switches back and forth, from original to remix, which makes it better in some parts than others; although overall it seems to work quite well.

F.S.O.L - Papua New Guinea - Fog's Future Retro Remix

All the fun of the fair, or should I say original version, but this time it's being taken in the nicer side of dubstep. More float than a wine cork, and if its setting the mood that you're after, look no further because this is one of those tunes to hear on a mega 'K' sound system, especially if it's outside.

187 Lockdown - Gunman - Fog's Mo Fiya Remix

Fell in love with this as soon as it started its way out of the speaker box, not due to its complicity but more due to the opposite. Everything has been kept nice and simple with total homage and respect given to the original, which you don't get to hear much these days when it comes to remixes. A sure shot for the hot spot. 9 outta 10 for this one.

Neighbour & Spiltmilk - The Crusader EP - Rat Records

Track 1. Load More Booty

Housy tempo with a style that kinda resembles hip house but with a little bit of a twist to it, as I'm sure you'll find out.

Track 2. Revolt

This track brings the original style of electro into a modern environment, and with a few added vocal sections the transformation appears seemless.

Track 3. The Booty Crusader

This release must surely have been influenced by that Miami bass sound of the eighties. With that said the quality of the copy I heard wasn't that good but that was listening through soundcloud so couldn't tell if the low end was low end or just bad quality production. You be the judge. UPDATE... Just heard the 320bit and it's all base...!

Afro Whitey - Ed Solo Vip - Ridin /Josh Money - Bullet for The Bears - Sludge Records

Track 1. Afro Whitey(Ed Solo Vip) - Ridin

Powerful dubstep number with the added addition of a street style rap with some side swagger on it. Not too overpowering but at the same time able to keep your concentration locked.

Track 2. Afro Whitey (Ed Solo Vip) - Instrumental

All the fun in the sun that's in the original version but, as the title suggests, this time out the vocals have bee told to stay home as it's strictly a riddem affair.

Track 3. Josh Money - Bullet for The Bears

Talk about take you unaware, this tune slowly lulls you into a false sense of calm dubstep that could be played to yah mum or nan. Don't be fooled, this little ticket could blow the lottery apart and then come back and stamp on its balls.

Aquasky + Diane-Charlemagne - (REMIXES) - You Take Me There ft. Diane Charlemagne/Feel The Sound ft Lady Roller - Passenger

Track 1. Take Me There - Cutline Remix

Powerful, to say the least, when it comes to dub step and that was just the original version, so prepare to be whacked and wooed with this Cutline remix. Keeping the original vocals in place works very well indeed. Pushing boundaries in all directions.

Track 2. Take Me There - Jay Robinson Remix

This remix from Jay Robinson takes nearly all the original sections and gives them his own personal tweak. This one is bound to work well on nearly any dance floor area.

Track 3. Feel The Sound - 601 Remix

Job well, well done when it comes to this release, and with it having gone through the 601 revamp it's what we like to call a "sure shot", but obvisouly without any critical victims. This ones definitely working up a heat.

Tripswitch - Collider (REMIXES)

Tipping the scales when it comes to remixes, this time out Tripswitch have let off an amazing release and have allowed 6 remixes. The original tune focuses on an almost Bhudha type aura, spreading itself over a powerful hitting break pattern with huge impact. Nick Warren, Fiord, Aurtas, Purple, Biotone and Codemonkey are all essential ingredients as each one's remix takes this track further afield. Laid back, deep agro, submissive, cloud like, tribalistic and minimalistic might be just the start when referring to these remixes.

Crystal Distortion - Strings of Vice

Track 1. Original

This Crystal Distortion track swoops then pivots between Housed-Nu-Skool and Electro-House which works exceedingly well seing as it's original inspiration, Strings Of Life, is such a classic. Revamped and ready for the present dance scene this one should do well.

Track 2. High Rankin Remix

Add the studio wizard business, in the form of High Rankin. and you're about to take a step into the ever increasing world of the dubstep patter. Use this kind of formula, and such a milestone tune, and you could be in for a trip of a lifetime: with this in mind, buckle those seat belts tightly because this could get a little jumpy.

Track 3. Ixindamix – No Strings Attached Mix

Electro House but not in the form that most would expect when they hear those two words used together. This remix seems to go away from the over-trodden track of the norm when making electro-house and take the more scenic route, which, without doubt, works well.

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