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Saturday, 15 October 2011 16:48
Pete Jordan feat Joe B - Step Out - Westway

1. Step Out (Original)
2. Step Out (Dub)
3. Step Out (Misk Remix)
4. Step Out (Kid Chameleon Remix)
5. Step Out (Killaflaw Remix)
6. Step Out (The Visionaires Remix)
Bonus - 7. Step Out (Cut La Roc Remix)
Radio - 8. Step Out (Radio Edit)

Strong funk party-styled house that keeps its energy going and going all the way through to the end. Coming in with a grand total of eight mixes, who's not gonna be pleased? Best remixes for me come from Kid Chameleon for its breakbeat, and Cut La Roc for is flow.

Schema - Wait No More - Sub Slayers

A subtle mix of big time raving with those all rolling breakbeats giving a natural feeling of upliftment. Tune!

Schema - Move - Sub Slayers

More of those all important breakbeats, and this track has just the baseline to complement any worthy bass speaker/box.

Schema vs Terminal State - Jungle Rain - Sub Slayers

Original jungle crew, male or female, old or young, this is the track for you. Loving this tune.

Schema - Test Me - Sub Slayers

Good combination of styles on this one that bounce between dubstep and 2 bad mice beats, for want of a better description. Believe me when I say that this partnership works extremely well on this track.

Stripper - Ur Not Alone - Surfer Rosa (012)

Track 1. Original

What a creative, electro-house update to such a classic tune like this one. Even if you don't remember the original this track will provide you with all you need to have a seriously good 'get down'.

Track 2. Wizard Vs Tim Healey Rmx

If the re-touch wasn't enough on the original mix, Wizard and Tim Healey have decided to take it even further into the modern age with this dubstep adaptation that works very well.

Ink, Loxy & Full Clip Audio – Grudge Bore VIP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Rolling DnB, with some strictly raw feeling, that definitely works a treat. Loads of energy and just as many twists.

Revolvr - You've Got The Love (Revolvr Remix)

Good dubstep patterned re-visit to a widely loved classic. By not overpowering the tune, by using the technique of less is more, a fully likeable remix has been created. Big Ups..!!

FreeRange DJs - Party Killer/Body Switch - SD (APEM029 Party Killer MP3 MASTERS)

Track 1. Party Killer

Good use of the off style swing which makes it so "on". Although this release has the tempo of an electro-house joint it almost smokes with a type of dubstep feel to it. Good hook on top of a swaying pitta' patta'.

Track 2. Body Switch

With the ever-increasing merge that's forming with NuSkool and Electro-House this FreeRange Djs release falls within the net and lands 'lubbly chubbly' on the harder sounding side of NuSkool. Good variation between modern standards sounds.

Karton - Find The Constant LP - Sound Of Habib

Tracks Bang!, Hal's lament, Feed the horde, We come divided, Tonight, Chase it high and Girl with vertigo make up this LP that spans across what could be classed as a world of music. From the highs to the lows, whether range or just pure sub base, all come together well.

Wolfgang Lohr (Remixes) - Night Boat

Track 1. Club Edit

Well placed remix by the hands of Wolfgang Lohr who manages to bring a dance floor ska/house modern tip to this Madness tune from yesteryear.

Track 2. Radio Edit

All the fun of the fair, as in the original, but this time out the theme has a few added extras in the way they're done. Good use of the original track to keep the flavour nice.

Hedflux and Neurodriver - Energy Vibration / Hedflux and LuQas - Reptoid - Broken Robot Records

Track 1. Energy Vibration

Electro-House-Trance with a touch of abstract vocals to set the pace as this release builds its way to a lovely breakdown and then gets straight back to the main event.

Track 2. Reptoid

Good combination of NuSkool, Electro House, Tribal and Trance to create a tune that builds and builds. Quality use of frequency ranges and note manipulation.