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Saturday, 31 March 2012 11:09
Memory9 One of These Days/Fractals and Blades 

Track 1. One Of These Days

Different but captivating beat programming that could either chill yah, or thrill yah.  By using a B-Line that hits the spot better than a tube of Zorax, and a repeating vocal, it keeps things nice & tidy.  Good tune.

Track 2. Fractals and Blades

This one's deeper than a well and may even get yah just as wet if you were to fall in; and for those that like their tunes Ninja (label) style, this is something you need in the box or on the memory stick.  

RadioKillaZ – Turn Me On

If yah like yah beats nice & rolling then this one's got more curl than a pair of tight Turkish shoes.  Love the way this tune brings alive a touch of the raving old school scene, and with a vocal that sits on top like a well fitting woolie hat, be prepared to be rocked.

Chemical Brothers, Miles Dyson, Elite Force - Swoon Anthem (RVMPD)

Setting the bar with an Electro-House style riddem, this release is sure to hit home with the newer housing crowd.  Nice & easy build-up at the beginning that glides into a big room breakdown then smashes into an all-out Electro-House Banger.  Well made and well crafted.

Culprate, Muse, Elite Force - No One (RVMPD)

When a tune starts they don't come much sweeter than this, but don't be mistaken because this release unfolds into some absolutely blinding Dubstep with more twists than a contortionist.  Although quite empty for modern dubstep, this release has all the right parts in all the right places.  Your speakers are sure to remember this one.

Thomas Bangalter, Elite Force, Mord Fustang - Lick The Scratch (RVMPD)

Housed-NuSkool, with a flavour that yells out Vengeance, for those in the know.  With a 1-2 drum pattern that keeps things well centred this release still seems to bring in an element of funk alongside all the modern big sounds you'd expect to hear on a new release.  Could cross over into an Electro House Set or a Housed-NuSkool one.  Nice Track.