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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 21:53

Dani Deahl Ft Sue Cho - Pocket Porn - Royal One Records

Essentially an Electro-House/Skooled-House riddem and, having a total of 6 versions, definitely gives room for scope.
Especially look out for the Will Bailey and the DSKOTEK versions as these are the dubstep remixes that are well worth a listen.  All the tracks, be they Electro, Skool or Dubstep, each carry with them a good studio production level, as well as being well crafted musically.

Track Listing:

1 - Jay Robinson Remix
2 - J-Trick Remix
3 - Original
4 - Will Bailey Remix
5 - Darth Vader Remix
6 - DSKOTEK Remix

DDS/Des-C - Dj Utho (Khchke Speaker)

Track 1 - Original Mix

Track 2 - Instrumental

Downtempo bangra that would roll quite nicely in a hip hop or drum & bass switch up kinda set or compilation.  Atmosphere on this one,  although distinct in its Asian sounds, somehow also gives off a slight feeling of being in the orient owing to some of the styled note assembly.  With an added choice of an instrumental version the possibilities are endless to say the least.

MartyParty & FreQ Nasty - Beethoven's Filth/Hot Delux

Track 1 - Beethoven's Filth

Coming straight out of the gate on a downtempo tip, this release, with its obvious inspiration source, gives a steady roll/bounce as it makes its way through its 4.54min journey.  Best to be prepared for the subtle switch of feeling, which consists of bursts of dubstep styled hard synths exploding through the speakers.  Mellow, yet deadly.

Track 2 - Hot Delux

Could be said to be very similar to track 1 but that would only be to the untrained ear; so listen closely and give it its dues.  No sudden hard synths, just a mellowing vibe that surely puts the double e into Deep.  I would well imagine that there will be a number of rappers looking to add their skills to this killer instrumental. 

Koshii - Watch Da Flex (Original/HouseMix) - C4 RECORDS 001

These 2 tracks forthcoming on C4 Records, that's the orignal and the house mix, are both full to the brim with flaves of many styles.  Both tracks give off that club sound that's been blasting its way through for a while now, but if you think it'll all be the same again, then best to think again.  Koshii seem to take the 2 tracks to an even more intense level than your standard issue producer/producers.

Beat Assassins - Kick Kick Kick - MoFo Recordings (MoFo032)

Track 1 - Original

Able to bridge the gap between Electro-House and NuSkool-House, Beat Assassins show what they are good at, quality studio production at all levels; so if you're looking to get the best from your speakers, and your on this tip, you'll be looking to snap this one up.  Minimal use of vocals, strong hook and good progression throughout.

Track 2 - Leuce Rhythms Remix

Vengeance and then some, to say the least.  This remix gives even more groove, whilst seeming to get right into the nooks and crannies of the original and exploiting every last trickle of musical space.  Impressive swagger, by the use of well placed drums, also, by letting the groove come out into the forefront more definately works well.

Splitloop - Come With Me (Original/Full On Mix) - TC007

Track 1 - Original

Hard to describe this one as although it seems to be an Electro-House/NuSkool-House number, you just can't get away from that feeling that this tune is trying to break its boundaries and evolve even further afield.  Would love to hear this one on a 30k system, with enuff room to express myself to it, without fear of causing damage to near-by revellers...

Track 2 - Full On Mix

When they say full on, they mean full on.  This mix definitely goes that extra mile, and then fills up the gas tank and goes for even longer on its travels into the world of frequency mutilation and well formed glitch.  A must for persons who simply must have well made releases on a 1, 2 drum.

Ben Venom - Hold Tight/I'm A Shadow - TDDR027

Track 1 - Hold Tight

140s style roller, with plenty of old school spirit and energy, but all this has been taken and adapted for modern day use within the dance floor arena.  Good switch that uses a dubstep pattern, but this is merely to add more zest to the breakdown section.  Female vocal, b-line, good hook, it's all there.

Track 2 - I'm A Shadow (Intro Version)

Space filling and almost cinematic in its launch, this track doesn't make you wait for long before it digs down deep into another gear.  Jump up, and as lively as a bag of unsettled snakes, this one should surely reek havoc on the unsuspecting victim trying to make his way across the dance floor while the masses are jumping hard to it.

The Partysquad & The Deathset w Diplo - P.O.V. 2.0

Two tracks in total from these guys, radio version and the extended version.  Boasting that modernised hunky-dunky house style pattern, both tunes have that all important hook that, although simple, used in this manner has total effect.

Vital Elements & Ruffride - 'Levels' Remix FREE DOWNLOAD - RAMAJAM RECORDINGS

Nice little bit of D&B, for the footloose and fancy free to release to, yep, find your own bit of space and make the most.  Uplifting and packed with positive energy, bubbling to this is easier than falling to the floor. 

Aquasky ft Ragga Twins Spyda M Tek Pedro Slime & CoGee - Heatwave   

Good energy track, showing that a collaboration of this kind really works well.

601 - Blackout

Absolute blaster of a track with a subtle old school hook, but love the super modern feel given to it.

Mad Rush ft. HeavyFeet - Get Ya Vs Up

Lively little number to say the least, and with the added vocal content it's sure to get nuff worldwide plays.

Black & Blunt - Move Your Body

Good bouncy track, but with all the added lift from the floaty elements included, which complement the vocals.  Very Nice.

Secure Unit - Fatal Attraction

3 tracks to select from on this release, which are - Original Mix, Playma Dub & Playma Remix.  The Original, being the mellowest of the mixes, comes with a dubstep formation, but that oozes calmness while the Playma mixes blast the speakers and take no prisoners. 

Secure Unit - Everything

Good builder of a track starting out with an arrangement of notes that almost gives off a uk garage feel; but lets not get this one's direction confused, as once the beats kick in it's obvious this is a nuskool roller with plenty of heart.

BADBWOYRIDDM (master) - trex 24_4_12

Nice roll, as well as a nice party feel to this one.  Vocal content on this is purely on an MC style with a clear message going out to all the "Big Batty Gals" dem... LoL

Lucas - Look At The Light - TDDR023

Track 1 - Original Mix

With an intro that simply floats in like an angel this release builds on that and lets the same angel get a little fruity and free.  Almost D&B in its style, this one should please a good few men or women.

Track 2 - Vinyl Junkie Remix

Definitely liking the atmosphere this one generates, and with drum arrangement like this combined with those drawn out stabs and chugging breakdown about half way through, this version is packed with NuSkool delight.

Track 3 - Full Spektrum Remix

Who needs to use a guillotine when versions like this cut like a knife through warm butter.  Full Spektrum have indeed taken this one to another level.  Amazing staggering throughout gives this remix a feel of 110% energy and explosive power.  Top Remix

Fools Gold Vol.1

What can I say? Big Names, Big Tunes and Big Collaborations packed in and giving something for everyone; not just one style but a taste of nearly everything that you could expect in the dance arena.  8 Track Release.

Myles Away - Spiritual Homicide/Back To Back/This Aint War - RGR1

Three track Dubstep release that covers the spaces from corner to corner, be it dubbed or hard hitting.  If you're into your dubstep then I feel sure that you're bound to appreciate what's been done here.  Especially liked the This Ain't War track, with its b-line that travels through concrete extremely well.

DJ Love Feat. Leon The Pro - Its Hot! - AIRFIX026

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up... Because you are about to get your money's worth and then some.  Boasting a staggering 7 versions in total, and with the likes of Ursula 1000 and Mooqee just to mention a couple, this is a bubbling lower tempo party track that just keeps rolling.

Torronto Is Broken

Track List: Metropolis, Hear You, Hemisphere feat. Veela, Dor's Theme, Annunaki.

Five tracks in total and each one a big tune; no matter if you're into your Breaks, Nuskool or D&B, each one is a winner.  Although all the tunes are way above average, the one that stands out the most has got to be "Dor's Theme" as it's a D&B sure shock roller.

LIONFIRE - Truth & Rights/Blaze Up

Two rollers that hit more than just the right spot, especially if you like your drums on the bubbly and rolling.  Truth & Rights edges more towards the incorporation of reggae/dub, while the Blaze Up track explores the deeper side of D&B.

Also out and about at the moment is the LIONFIRE Promo mix, 46 minutes of footloose tunes and mixes, a definite to look out for and get your hands on.

STFU008 - A Dominant Species - Take It Down Low

Three completely different, yet fully effective, versions on this release which goe from NuSkool to D&B.  If you like your beats dunked deep in bass, check out the Chromatic Drum & Bass version - it's a true speaker tester!!

Terry Hooligan Roby Howler - Groove Loft Remixes

Kraymer Remix, 601 Remix, Aerotronic Remix, & Terry Hooligan Roby Howler Version combine to make up this four track release, but all I'm gonna say is "You need to hear the 601 Remix...".  With more bootie than a big girl at a bus stop, and leaving you just as shocked, it really does need to be played at high volume.


This E.P. is made up of four tunes in total:

King Yoof VS GOLD - Tik a Tok (Original)
King Yoof VS GOLD - Respect (Original)
King Yoof - Every Night Is A Soundclash (Original)
King Yoof - Call The Undertaker (Original)

Oh my days.... Entertaining the newer style of NuSkool Breaks, or should I say Liquid, this E.P. stands out above the rest and then climbs a "likkle" bit more.  D&B styled drums play a large part when it comes to the formula, as well as soundclash lyrics, original dancehall vibes reworked and all tracks mainly around that 140bpm tempo.  You're gonna have to hear this release to believe it. Quality to say the least.

Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion meet $pyda - Jump Around Mixes

Original Mix, Cotton Mouth Remix, Garage Teng Mix, RadioKillaZ Remix, Scott Garcia Remix - ranging from Garage to 140s Beats, it's best to believe the hype when it comes to this five track release.  RadioKillaz, as ever, are on form and definitely have the party jumping in mind when it comes to their remix of this powerful track.

Bill Vega & New Decade - Meltdown EP - Definition Breaks DEFB047

With an original mix that blasts into the D&B scene looking to take no prisoner, as well as the Ant Miles & Boneshaker Remix which blasts in just as hard and on the same scene, this Definition Breaks release is a boomer.  Also on this release are the DJ Twista Remix and Freeflow 45 Remix, which hit just as hard but on the Breaks/NuSkool tip.  Good Release.

Manion Repent E.P. - Definition Breaks DEFB048

Two original tracks on this E.P., with each one also having a remix; but don't worry, the remixes are included within this release from Definition Breaks.  Extremely good tools for those looking to defend themselves within the 140BPM category. Tracklisting is:

Sometimes - Original Mix
Sometimes - Audiohazards Triple Distilled Remix
Nightmares - Original Mix
Nightmares - ViSible Sound Remix

A must for the box/cd wallet.

Contraband - Jimmy Legs - BRB-D48

Two track D&B release that gives energy, depth and a good look into the modern skills used in today's modern pumping riddems. Tracks on this release are: Lootin (Original), Data (Original), both of wihich are quality works from this label.

Encode & Davip - My Stupid Girlfriend

Prepare to be rocked, shocked and put on an upper.  This is a downtempo master-piece to say the least and if I ever get to meet these guys, I'm shaking their hands on the spot and getting the drinks in.  TUNE..

M17 - Rockin Down The House - Vinyl Junkies 2012 Bootleg1

Sometimes it's good to go back as it can usually help with going forward, and this bootleg from Vinyl Junkie does exactly that.  Good reworking of an absolute classic & rolling around the 140bpm.

Vinyl Junkie & Dope - Hooligan (Backdraft Remix 2012 Remaster)

With a feel that makes you wanna go straight up renegade, this Backdraft remix has a hard hitting, bass assisted kick drum that pumps like a Prodigy release.  Good dance floor justice to say the least.  Would love to hear this one on a major K rig, with enuff room to express oneself without feeling limited.

Cut La Roc - Freeze (Ben & Lex Remix)

Packed with energy, bass and enuff punch to knock out even the biggest, this Ben & Lex remix hits more than just the spot.  Although it starts out like it's gonna be a dubstep tune, it's not long before its truth is revealed, which is that its a 140bpm-ish power mover designed for those that like their jump up beats. 

Ben & Lex Ft. J Tuns - We Are Back (Turn It Up)/Sound Gal 2012 - Functional

Track 1 - We Are Back Ft Jay Tuns

Nice little number that gives off that feeling that it's time to get a little heavier on the foot stomping.  Quality studio skills in effect.

Track 2 - Sound Gal 2012

Good remix of a NuSkooL classic, but this time with even more modern influence to kick a hole in yah speaker.  Quality.

Johnny Wore Black Ft. David Ellefson - Up In Flames

4 tracks in total to be found on this release; Original Mix, Rebel Sonix D N B Remix, J-Dawg Drumstep Remix & the Rebel Sonix D N B Radio Edit.  The original version is a kinda layed back rock style that would smash it with a live audience in tow.  The D N B and Drumstep versions all carry good weight where speakers are concerned, as well as hitting the spot where studio skills are concerned.

Nu Jam vs Deekline & Ed Solo Ft Jay Mac, Hyperactive, Midas, Sparks, RB, Rubi Dan - Countdown - Rat Records

5 versions in total, consisting of an Original, 2 Step Mix, Atomic Remix as well as 2 instrumental mixes.  When it comes to enticing the ladies' crew onto the dancefloor, this one should do just that.  Nice and light but with enuff groove and b-line to please one and all.  Good use of British MC's, but if that's not your cuppa tea, then you should especially like the instrumental versions supplied.

TiKay One - I'm Not Yours

Track 1 - Howl
Track 2 - I'm Not Yours ft. Cop Dickie & Bombee
Track 3 - Shea
Track 4 - Glamrock Ghettoblaster (Inst version)
Track 5 - Coyote
Track 6 - I'm Not Yours (Audhentik RMX)
Track 7 - I'm Not Yours (Symbiz RMX)
Track 8 - Bonus free track! Spring Break

8 tracks in total - yep, you heard it right, a total of 8 tracks - and believe me this producer knows how to involve modern flow and movement.  Each tune seems to capture a truly modern feel while still spinning within the grooves.  Good range of tunes from a top studio skilled professional.  Listen out especially for the Audhetik remix as it's a true floating beast.

Dubfeq - 4 Track E.P - Cheese On Bread

Track 1 - Can't You Hear Me Call

Lovely little dubstep riddem with a strong drum 'pitta-patta' that keep this tune full of added energy.  Deep in presence when it comes to the vocal set, but this sits beautifully on this creation. 

Track 2 - Can't You Hear Me Call - Suspect Remix

This added version of the first track concentrates more on a steady chugg rather than an active roll formation, but this in itself works extremently well as the long drawn out keys establish their own hypnotic motion.  A likely suspect for many a dubsteppa's set or listening track list.

Track 3 - Tooty Fuity

If it's a dubstep track that stays glitchly dubbed throughout then this will be a track you're after.  Simple but effective in its manner, this tune keeps at a modern tribal-dubstep standard.  No surprises, no sudden rushes, just forward movement without differ.

Track 4 - U Kno How To Love Me

Good to hear the classic vocals making their way back into the current scene, and this one gets to do just that.  Drums are nice and light, which gives plenty of space for them to drop like a DnB pattern, but really being dubstep and then some.  All this and we still haven't got to the bass line, which should secure any environments parameters with quality sub end.

Tom Craft - We Celebrate (Free Download -

This track from Tomcraft is a perfect shift between Electro-House and Nuskooled-House, and with a strong vocal that keeps everything nice and tidy.  Good use once again of the modern studio skills and sound manipulation.


Rolling beats that complement and help to lift the powerful vocals even further when it comes to projection.  Good thumping track that keeps the energy going until the very last drop.

Nav Sidhu & Tigerstyle - Love Story/Instrumental - Soldier Sound Recordings

Banga meets Electro Nuskool on the dancefloor and melts to form this co-worked on release.  Fitting in perfectly with an Electro-House tempo, this track may find itself coming through more speakers than first expected.

OGuru - Mish Mash Tango

Hold on to your tings and prepare for a musical journey that steers through many a style, and all seemlessly combined into this mass master-piece of a tune.  Electro-House, NuSkooL, Dub-Step, Drum N Bass, all get a look-in, so full respect to the title.  Good Tune.

ZAP! POW! DIE! on Various Artists - PlayGround Album Sampler 3


Electro, but with glitch and swagger.  May not get played at all the barbeques due to its x-rated lyrics, but if played within a not easily offended crowd, then expect good results as this tune seems to have a building quality that keeps the atmosphere driving.

The Rumblist - Pokey Bit/Little Man - UNS031A/B

Two tracks that let the drum section go wild and run tings.  So if you wanna keep that roll feeling upwards and alive, these two tunes should have no problems finding and keeping their way into your 140s active section.  Especially liked Little Man, top riddem.

The White Riots - Captain High Top/Drop That Bass Kid - (SD Master)01

Track 1 - High Top

Although this is a kind of chugger of a tune, in many ways it does just the opposite.  Instead of chugging it seems to bring with it an old electro style bump and grind, which works especially well.  Would work extremely well in a Stanton Warriors type set.

Track 2 - Drop That Bass Kid

Good little bounce to this one that makes it feel like a bit of a summer tune.  Once again a good track that would work effectively within a Stanton Warriors type environment.  Nice track.

Dom Almond - 3 Track - Warehouse Wax WHWM008

Track 1 - Jump And Shout
Track 2 - We Are Ravers
Track 3 - Shut It And Dance

Three tracks from the talented hands of Dom Almond.  Around the 140s each has its own powerful message to put across and with no holds barred, prepare to be rocked and shocked with modern style frequency and pitch mutilation of the highest degree.


Electro-House with female vocals, with an uplifting arrangement added to by up-to-date twists and turns.

Various Artists - Lucky Break Re-mixed - LBR014

Track listing as follows:

Track 1 - Secure Unit - Kraken (Original Primate Remix)
Track 2 - Breaking News - Oldschool Bizz (Jack Stat Remix)
Track 3 - Jack Stat - Acid Step (Afghan Headspin Remix)
Track 4 - Vipercorps ft. J. Prime - Overclocked (ID Remix)

4 quality originals taken to an even high plateau, and with the likes of these producers involved don't look any further if you're looking above average 140s, with that all important bass that rumbles.  Listen out for the ID Remix, it's a special.

RadioKillaZ - KillaH

Rolling like a four horse stage coach, this RioKillaz release keeps up to par with all out there in the 140s.  Totally effective drums that, when backed up with a b-line like this, would make even the biggest of them quake; let yourself shock out and get busy to this feature from the RadioKillaz

YKM - Goodbye - EP

Track - My Religion (Hanuman Tribe Remix) Master

Tribal meets Global Electro-H, then twists and bends, brushes by, yet bruises on impact, so be prepared for speaker boxes all around the world taking on a life of their own, with tracks like this being unleashed on the unsuspecting woofer/tweeter.

Final Conflict & D. Viant - Dog Day Afternoon - TDDR026

Track 1 - Original Mix
Track 2 - Louisubsole D&B Remix
Track 3 - 100Me Sudden Death Remix

The Original Mix is a D&B number that packs the big punches, while the Louisubsole D&B Remix brings the hard stepping. Finally, 100Me Sudden Death Remix hits the spot for the NuSkoolas, bringing them a serious taste of flavour when it comes to well built tunes.

DJ L.A.B. - Touch - TDDR024

Track 1 - Original Mix
Track 2 - Schocos 140 Painting Mix
Track 3 - Strange Rollers Summer 91 Remix

The Original Mix just sits perfectly as a nice down tempo feeling, atmosphere inspirer, with plenty of positive projections.  Schocos 140 Painting Mix takes on a rolling progression but at the same time keeps the vibes as mellow as a cello.  Last but not least on this release we have the Strange Rollers Summer 91 Remix, which definitely does what it says on the tin.  Filled to capacity with pure essence of the raving scene, Strange Rollers have captured the spirit of the past.

SS09 (FREE) Yoof & The Dirty Rich - IM ON FIRE (V.I.P)

Hard as army boots, and if fired out of a sound cannon it would be sure to prove effective in humbling any target caught in its sights.  Good sound crafting that takes full advantage of a range of enlisted beat patterns.  Powerful to say the least.

Nuclear - Snakes & Blaggers

22 tracks in total that manage to skilfully craft together a musical grouping of styles that will entertain, question and yet advise and teach, as well as give warning, and all with lyrical precision and complexity that few have acquired.  Sprinkled in among the tunes are some short skits, that definitely touch the heart and soul.  Goooood Album

Example - Changed the way you kissed me (Ellis Dee & DJ Twista 140 Bass Booty)

140s and with this kind of impact throughout, it's hard not to imagine these kinds not working on a few more combined projects of this nature. Not to do so would surely be a crime against those who like the rollas.  Well delivered male vocal that enhances the track's moods as well as keeping that pumping feeling going.

Stereo Assassin - There Is Nothing (I Wont Do)

Deep, and I mean almost bottomless.  This Stereo Assassin tune boosts an amazing, soul piercing piano that, teamed with a male vocal, sets the stage for a large tune to say the least.

UNS030A - P.R.I.S.M. - War Cry

140s and hold her steady as she goes Scottie, because with this kind of a work horse behind the reins it's easy to hear how the studio production skills enter their own.  Good breakdowns, switches and glitches keep this monster just about under control.

UNS030B - Hoffman & Chamber - Reactivate

Pounding the paves of the 140 streets, this little riddem walks a big walk, backed up with loads of b-line and expressive drums.  Good Roller.

Invader - OMG (Radio Edit)/Alive (Original Mix)

Definitely pumping electro-house is the aim and purpose, and with the talents of some serious sound venturing, these two releases give up a hands in the air feeling and, at the same time, a stomping sensation that cannot be deflected.

SURPRISE! (Original Mix)

Busting out and taking absolutely no prisoners this track will leave no speaker unturned in its path.  Dub-Stepped-Glitch with no restraints.

DeFkline and Ed Solo - Use somebody - HC 014 Master

Top re-establishment with an absolute raver's classic, and this time with the use of modern technology and progressed studio experimentation.  A collaboration that always brings good results.

601 - Deadline

140s and kicking it like a mule this 601 offering sits at the table proud, with elbows protruding and without apology.  Roller, with plenty of that good old fashioned B'.

Funk U - Push it up (thec4 Dark Influence Remix)- Spektra Recordings

Effective NuSkool roller, with a subtle hint of D&B drums that provide a solid base for this almost jungle-stanton groover.  Good Tune

Jingo Jango

House riddem with an instant appeal for those that like it sweet and light, all at the same time.  Female vocal assisted with some beautiful note arrangement, good breakdown and deserving movement, create a possible houser's classic.

DJ Fixx, Huda Hudia - Your Good Bye (Gustolabs remix)

Digging deep, and braced against the wind, this track swerves through beat structure like a hot knife through butter.  House, NuSkool, Roller - may be best if you decide for yourselves.  Good Club floor filler.

Jody Wisternoff - Wont Let You Down - Ben and Lex ReFix (Sd Master)

With vocals that sit more comfortably than a cradled child, this one's also had the added studio benefits of Ben and Lex.  Strong dub-step contender at any weight range.