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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 21:56

ZZombie Robot - So Obnoxious/This High

Three tracks in total, So Obnoxious Full Version + instrumental and a track entitled This High.  So Obnoxious, with its two versions, brings together an element of dubstep crossed with the feel of Ibiza, which seems to work very well.  This may be due to its ability to capture the power of the dubstep and the high life of Ibiza.  The third release, This High, contains so much energy it's unreal.  Bringing good use of a dancehall pattern, this track just keeps on exploding on to new levels - a definite for the collection.

YKM - My Religion (Hanuman Tribe Remix)

Now if you like the way you roll, and the way your rolling is by keeping it Electro-House, then here's a remix that your gonna' wanna' get your hands on.  Everything you'd expect and then some, and with that almost gritty vocal, this proves itself to be a powerhouse of remix.

Topdraw Digital 25 TDDR025

Track 1 - Lucas - We Don't Know (Original Mix)

Incorporating Dub, Tribal, House, as well as a good portion of cross-over, this track just seems to grow on yah the more you hear it.  Good all round track that gets the place moving, whilst generating a good atmosphere.

Track 2 - Gav Ley - Xenomorph (Original Mix)

Wow, and that's to say the least.  An appreciated long drawn out entrance gets you ready for the intricate bombardment of rolling drum sections covered with layers ranging from beauty to darkness.  If you can get your hands on this one, best not to let go.  More like this are needed.

RadioKillaz - Step Forward E.P. - RKZ RECORDINGS

Tracks - AK47/High/Step Forward

Best way to sum these three tunes up on this E.P. would simply be to say, Rolling, Deep and of course Hard Stepping.  All three tracks have that RadioKillaz roll to them but each looks to adopt a different horizon.  Coming in at around the 140 bpm marker these tracks will go down well in that arena.

NoiseRippers - Be Noiser EP -(REL1_Re-Rubs)-FREE

Tracks - Be Noiser/Destroy Your Neighbours

Two more tracks that will keep the Electro-House fans feeling pleased.  Both releases test the boundaries when it comes to the complexities of Electro-House.  Mutilated, glitched, modified and then set to work on, that's what you can expect to hear when you let anyone of these two tracks off.

McTwist Ft. Pamela June - Dream (The remixes) - BRB-D51

Coming with a fully loaded menu, when it comes to the choice for getting your teeth stuck in, prepare for six option choices -  Dub Stex Remix, Frenz E Remix, Geon Remix, Horny Andy Remix, Kraymon House Remix and Sketi Remix, all in one bundle so everyone can expect to get a little something out of this release.

Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Bring The Bass - BRB-D54

Adapted into a total of five different mixes which comprise Original Mix, Tripwave Remix, Javi R Remix, Drkwtr Remix as well as the Bartdon Remix, a good nuskool audience coverage is achieved.  All versions roll on a NuSkool style apart from the Tripwave Remix which gives itself more towards an Electro-House flave.  All of the other choices carry their weight and carry it well.  Good Tracks.

Nanci & Phoebe Ft Congo Natty - Notorious

Nice bit of driving DnB, that with the aid of some uplifting vocal contents, both male and female, take this roller of a tune to even further outlooks.  Lively and sure to get the party energy flowing.

Drunken Masters - Toygirl (Kid Simius Remix) Free Download -

This track, although downtempo, seems to have a good movement generating feel about it, so if your more about the swagger than you are about the jump up, this one's built to calm yet dig deep at the same time.

The Rumblist - Reset The World E.P. - Held II Ransom H2R029

Four tracks in this tidy little bundle that could even turn Jesus into a bad boy when it comes to bass and beats.  With the use of some amazingly intricate drum sections, these tunes are bound to be tearing it up with the 140s crews.  Very strong E.P.

Drunken Masters - Bang Bang E.P. - (TCML)

Seven tracks in total on this E.P.  The track Bang Bang gets four mixes comprising Original, Dirty Disco Youth Remix, Cop Dickie- Dubstep Remix and Shuko Broken Beat Remix, covering Electro-House, Dubstep, Nuskool and even Broken Beat.  Also featured on this E.P. are three mixes of Toy Girl - Original, Beef Theatre Remix and Kid Simius Remix, all of which are of equal quality.


Another Electro-House/NuSkooled-Housed kicker in the dance, boosting that Ibiza type big club feel.  Very good production skills.


Four tracker for the Electro-House bubblers that has some seriously good assembly going on.  Be sure to expect that high standard of studio knowledge when it comes to Tim Healey and his related works, and this E.P. does just that.

DTrac3d - Androids EP Pt 1 - Held II Ransom H2R030

This three track E.P. spreads itself over DnB, Dubstep and Chilled House release,  Interrobang (Original Mix) being the DnB track that's full of real big notes used to the fullest.  Androids (Original Mix) bumps it in the Dubstep Arena and is able to hang with the toughest.  Lastly featured on this E.P. is Damn That (Original Mix), a deep & chilled track which goes a bit more to the darker side.

Hargo Boparai Arpan & Jaggi Singh - Taur

Bangra & Downtempo Electro-House join musical directions and bring together this good merge of two big styles.  Offering the choice of both vocal or instrumental, when it comes to the mixes I wouldn't be surprised if this gets a lot of plays across the globe.

Leon S & The Crooked Orchestra - Shout The House Down

Nice little viber of a house track, covered in a good coating of revived vocals, this track keeps things moving along at a solid steady pace.

Original Primate - Loaded Gun

Three good mixes, comprising Original, Fisso & Spark Remix and the Breaking News Remix.  All have that NuSkool feel, but at the same time each version has its own spell it's looking to cast.  Real good hook that's hard to get enough of, as well as an addictive vocal.

Jinx In Dub Ft. Mikey Don - Shaka Sonics - Slub Slayers 019

Four big mixes on this Sub Slayers release - Original, Zulu Warrior Mix, King Yoof Remix and Rob Sparx Remix.  Elements of Liquid Jungle, Breaks, Dubstep and NuSkool, plus, with producers such as these, you know the results are bound to be good.  140s crew, grab some of this.

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