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Friday, 16 November 2012 20:57
AP POW DIE - Bounce E.P. - Ground Level

Track 1. Bounce - DJ Hero Dub Mix

Very catchy style of tune; with its almost Stanton Warrior type drums this release soon builds up to a mix of Ibiza and Nu Romantic, but all in a modern setting.  Filled with twists, turns and glitches of all descriptions, this one's a musical winner.

Track 2. Bounce - DJ Hero Remix

Using that same style of Stanton Warrior drums this DJ Hero remix utilises parts of the vocal sections as well as exploiting that catchy hook to its extreme.  Lovely little number that has that cross-over feel to it.

Track 3. Bounce (Fuck That Mix1) ZAP! POW! DIE!

This version sees this release moved into more of an Electro-House environment, and with instantly heard results.  This track simply seems to have electro-house written all over its remix destiny, and this tune takes it to the level with great ease.

Track 4. Bounce (Fuck That Mix2) ZAP! POW! DIE!

With the use of an absolute classic when it comes to known break beats this mix chugs along at just the right tempo that makes for a great atmosphere generator.  Good use of quality studio skills, and a little feel of the old-school, make this mix one that stands out.

Radiokillaz & Highly Strung MC - Future Junglist E.P. RKZ Recordings

4 tracks in total and each one hitting the mark, while circling that 140 bpm tempo.  If you're not already aware of these guys, get yourself set for some of the best tunes when it comes to the Future Jungle scene.  The tracks in order on the E.P. are:

Future Junglist - Original
Future Junglist - RadioKillaz Dubplate Mix
Future Junglist - Sanxion Remix
Future Junglist - Vinyl Junkie Remix


MistrWOLF - Even The Score (The Remixes) - BRB-D55

Track 1. Lethalness Remix

This version takes us over to the ever popular dubstepping side of the street with this powerful, yet very deep, little remix.  Filled with all the likely sounds and tweaks that you'd expect to hear in a quality number, this one keeps your attention locked.

Track 2. Runge Kutta & D-Theory Trip Hop Remix

Downtempo but packed with power, and at the same time giving off an almost hypnotic kind of rock calmness.  Female indie-ish vocals set a strong precedence, while the brass wind section adds and captures even more of a mood setting.  Deep and Slur-ree.

Aems - E.P. - TDDR028

Track 1. Prometheus - Original
Track 2. The New Dawn - Original
Track 3. The New Dawn - Weekday Remix
Track 4. Touch & Go - Original

Killer when it comes to E.P.s, this four tracker should not be missed.  With a range that reaches across dubstep, dancehall-step, deepness and simply rolling breaks, each one of these little numbers rings out with success.  Especially liked The New Dawn - Weekday Remix, as it just kept the roll sweet, as well as setting the pace.

KL2 - Vox Trick/Check Out The Rythm - BRB-D56

Three tracks in total, comprising of two different mixes of Vox Trix, Original and McTwist Remix, which both make the most of a very tempting hook.  Although both versions move along with a NuSkool feel the original puts more emphasis on being uplifting and feeling very energetic, while the McTwist remix goes more for the power of the strut.  Check Out The Rythm craftily captures scratching, bends and frequencies, and cheekily plays with a bound to be liked and easy to follow hook.

Vinyl Junkie Backdraft - Feat. Tracey Elizabeth - Virus - Original Mix - Warehouse Wax Music

Are you sitting comfortably...  Then you're in the wrong position and state of mind, as this collaboration is set to make others quake in its path.  All the sauce and toppings you'll ever need if you're looking to 140 shock-out.  The vocals supplied by Tracey Elizabeth are the exact needed addition to elevate this one even higher.

Bassrock E.P. - Backdraft - REVOLUTION REMIXES - BROCKA4

Three tracks in total on this E.P. consisting of DA VIP Remix, Munnytorx Remix and Vinyl Junkie Remix, with the Munnytorx remix being the only one that grooves in the dubstep region.  DA VIP remix and Vinyl Junkie remix both concentrate on more of a nuskool/liquid jungle lick, with plenty to get your chops into.  All three remixes do the job and do it well.

Stylus Rex & Electrotec - Quasi - FREE DOWNLOAD

A nice swirling set of inter-twined hooks create a solid moving, forward striving, mind capturing, body moving, well made house track.  Catch it while yah can.

Stereo Assassin - Angel

A very, very deep and haunting mood set, this track could scare Buddha from his path, and without even licking him with a beat.  The only thing missing from this number is a spy set and a killer plot.

Tigerstyle Featuring Sarbjeet Kaur & Billa Bakshi - Ay-Ha

Bhangra taken to max in almost every direction with this Tigerstyle release, be it the Original, Instrumental, PMG remix, WAFA Remix, Jakez Hench Remix or Kumarachi Remix.  Going from downtempo to dubstep formation this is a good little package for those of this genre.

Wharehouse Wax 8 - Dom Almond - WHWM008

Three strong bangers, and they're all sizzling in the same pan, may best describe this release bundle.  Dom Almond's studio skills without doubt take these tunes to a particularly high level.  Jump & Shout, Shut It & Dance and, lastly, We Are Ravers complete this package that seems purpose built for the 140s crews.

FreQ Nasty feat. Tipper Irie & Solar Lion - Not Givin

Can you Adam & Eve it? A total of seven different mixes of this FreQ Nasty, Tipper Irie & Solar Lion collaboration.  Boasting the contents of  Original, Rido Remix, Flore Remix, Greg Remix, Tenkai Remix, Sonny Wharton and a Radio Edit Mix, there is sure to be a least one of these versions that gets to the right place for yah.

Bangta Rights - Dont Break - Breakz R Boss Records - BRB-D57

Original, Ire Remix and Toy Quantize Remix all feature on this Breakz R Boss Records Latest, and the flavours are good.  Especially liked the Toy Quantize Remix as, for me, it was the one with the most NuSkool roll to it but all versions are well produced and would do well in their sectors.

Fatso - Midnight In Citrus E.P.

Five track release which sees the main tunes being on an Electro/Nuskooled-House tip, and with good results to say the least.  One of the tunes on this E.P., entitled double drop, is a pacey little DnB track that captures all of the big mood while keeping it moving at a steady pace.

Banvox - Instinct Dazzling Starlight

Four new tracks, and with the likes of Bonvox on the case don't be surprised to find that tweaks, modulations, glitches, bends, twists and modifications are at top level when it comes to these tunes.  Tracks to be found on this release are  Instinct Dazzling Starlight, Build Up Monster, Falling and a track called Awakening.

Defb050 -

Five big guns coming from this label, all with shoot to kill written on the side of each bullet:

Eddie Voyager - My Way - (Manion Remix)
Lunar_Shift - Cello - (KidChameleon Remix)
Original_Source - Surveillance - (DiiSTORTiiON Remix)
Refracture - A Million Miles - (Ben Venom Remix)
Strange Rollers - Dark Love - (2012 Refix)

and with all these heavy hitters in one location you just know it's gonna be good.

Electrux - 4Track - TDDR030

Lovely little bundle of quality tunes from Electrux, and when they're coming in like this at around the 140 marker there's gonna be a good few happy faces out there.  Bounce, Illusion, Orbit, Slingshot all add up to make this bundle worth the listen and the play.

Chaos Theory - Rocker - BRB-D58

Get the party rocking hardcore with this speaker bleeder, boasting itself from this label and out of the watts that you get to hear it at.  Good tune.

Bay B Kane - TDDR029

Four track release, and Bay B Kane is still up to par and making those in-depth quality tunes.  Breathe, Everyday, Unspoken, Zensense are the tracks that make this one complete, with each one not only carrying its weight but ready to carry even more.  All of the four tunes have a subtle liquid jungle feel to them, which is always good.

Lucky Break 15 - Jak Stat/Secure Unit - LBR015

Jak Stat - Tripods
Secure Unit - Moaning Conez

Two dubstep number, but with each going and taking two completely different angles.  Tripods encapsulates more of a double roll, while Moaning Conez takes more of a slow and steady approach.  Both tracks are good releases and strive to keep the dubstep genre taking on new boundaries.

WHWM009 - 4 Track Release

Electrux - Primer Original Mix)
Kambelt - Step Inside (Original Mix)
Radiokillaz - Skyscraper (Original Mix)
Strange Rollers - Music 4 The Soul (Original Mix)

If you're fans of the 140s that are tearing up the place at the moment, then you need to get your hands all over these releases.  Filled to the brim and packed to the max, these four tunes are sure to absolutely rock a spot near you.  Strong tunes.