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Sunday, 23 December 2012 09:06
Konjah / Steezie Wonder - The Southern Hemisphere EP : Volume 1 - Top Drawer Digital TDDR031 Promo
Both tracks on this release have an old school vibe using known and unknown samples which set the tone for this EP. Badunkadunk Bounce would be the pick of the two, being a DJ friendly track that adds that exclusive dubplate vibe! Good build up to a funky rave style drop that would get dance floors jumping across the music genres; there is a solid baseline that keeps the track moving, with the main sample being chopped and screwed to perfection. Could see this being a favourite for Nye sets and mixes.

Warehouse Wax Music WHWM010 Vinyl Junkie - Unidentified Frequencies
Great EP, definitely more killer than filler! Highlights would have to be Threat to Society & Resistance. The original tracks that are on this EP set a standard that is not easy to match, but those on remix duty do Vinyl Junkie proud. Great mix of styles and pace. Cannot call this a grower as this would mislead you; this release grabs you from the beginning and the more you listen the more it grabs you and just keeps on grabbing like an inappropriate boss at a works Christmas party!.