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Saturday, 03 August 2013 18:06

D.Trac3d & Jay Walker feat. Dark D - Zero EP - H2HR037

Bad But Good (Original Mix)

Bringing back the true concept of 'electro', this little number doesn't just stop there; with the use of an all-out, rectified swagger, this one rocks two separate intentions.  Keep rocking, keep inspiring to greater heights.

Kontrol Da Format (Original Mix)

Musical, hardcored, dubstep that packs a mighty vocal section that delivers pure message.  Incorporating, not just a delicate intricacy but also enough shock-out to chock them out.

Zero (Original Mix)

The way this one unfolds is quite incredible in itself. Starting out with what seems to be a lush piano classic, it's not long before the crashing new wave sweeps you up into its current.  Loads of feelings captured on this one.

SoulShift World Flight - Heatwave 101

For those who like the vibes distinctly chilled and covered in house (deep), this little number will roll you up and keep yah feeling sweet as a nut.  Summer tune for sure.

RadioKillaz - The Fear E.P. - Rkz Recordings

Three tracks on this E.P. that centre around the 140s, and with each delivering its own strong message and type of roll formation you're sure to be hearing them tracks in some big sets from the big boys in the scene.  "The Fear", "Trouble" and "Gunshot" make up this tidy package of rollers.

A.S. Beat & Alaska MC - Its Time To Drop That Bass - BRB-D68

Original Mix

Spinning in around the 133bpm marker this chubbler sets its way with a kind of S.Warriors style beat, and with a 4 on 4 style hook within the stabs, it's going to be hard not to bubble along with it.  Alaska MC adds even more power to this already powerful flowing tune.

KL2 Remix

By adding a couple of bpms to the tempo and squeezing even more punch into every corner, KL2 have managed to get to yet another level on this one.  Groove still feels S.Warrior, but this time the power level and emotion seem to hit home with emphasis.  Good Remix

Breakz R Boss REMIXED - Part 1 - BRB-D69

Five tracks in total, made up of:

Vipercorps - Ft. Jprime (KWeRK Remix)

Vize - Killin Speakers Ft. BBK (Kyle Cross Remix)

Nastee Nate - Perfect 10 (Tripwave Remix)

Dave Dialect - Hurt Mc's  Ft. Regimental (A2C REMIX)

Tripwave - Feel It Ft. Sw@t (Play Moore Remix)

Ranging in tempo from 130-135bpm and incorporating a chugging stance to electro house, bounce back to grimmee and glitch to mad mod, these are well thought through remixes that give new life to the originals.

Manion - Street Kids - BRB-D70

Five track pack, covering the bpm sections from about 136-142, and covering them very well indeed.  With Original, Metachemical Mix, Eddie Voyager Remix, Kid Chameleon Remix and a Strange Rollers Remix, who in their right mind could complain.  Watch Yah Bass Bins I'm Telling Yah.

Dub Kirtan All Stars - Subsonic Devotion EP

Track 1 - Radhe Govinda (feat. Chaytanya)

Track 2 - Om Namah Shivaya (feat Arjun Baba)

Track 3 - Kunja Bihari (feat. Chaytanya)

Due respect and props on this three tune E.P. that brings the distinct feel of banghra into three completely different settings, while keeping the mood just right, from downtempo to a half stepping 140bpm.

Makeyna - Scrap Metal - XDSTP04

Track 1 - Scrap Metal

Track 2 - Red

f you're out there looking for two dubstep tunes that roll in at the 140bpm then look no further, as both of these on this release will leave you in a spin while adequately testing any speaker arrangement they get unleashed upon.  Oooh Baby..

Various - Bass Selection Vol 1 [Part 2] - SLAYERCD001

Track 1 - King Yoof & Jacky Murda - Dub Nurse feat Gregory Isaacs (Original)

Track 2 - 601 - Lion Dub (Gold Dubs remix)

Track 3 - Sanxion - Hail To The King (Original)

Track 4 - ID - Mustang (Gella remix)

Track 5 - Gella - Twinkle feat Spyda (Haylo remix)

Wow, and all this featured in one release session!  Going from originals to remixes, with the likes of these kind of artists be prepared to be rocked and shocked as well as bubbled down to your little toes.

BassRock 033

Original Primate continue their exploration into 140 bass and drum carnage.
"Not of this World" is an appropriate name for the track, with plenty of other-worldly sirens and tripped out alien sounding synth to build the atmosphere for the all-out bass line assault.
Definitely one of the duo’s heaviest offerings so far, with bass lines sounding distinctly Dillinja-esqe, this one is literally guaranteed to get the dance floor shaking. Hold on to your beer bottles !

Simon Holmes - Questions EP - H2R032

Three solid tracks in total comprised of "Questions", which is a real nice side bubbler, but still packing all the goods required for a 140 roller;  "Purple Heart", more for the 140s crew and this time like a musical adventure in the way this tune keeps on going that bit further with reference to its arrangement building;  Track 3, "2 Be Free", gives even more complement to and for the 140s, but this time creating a harder roller that creeps out from the deep, with some serious impact.  Good Solid E.P.

Kambelt - Pirate EP - H2R033

Government (Original Mix)

Can't say it enough, rolling along with this one just seems to come naturally.  Good swirling atmospheres, while also giving your speakers something to grab hold of.  140s crew.

Pirate System

Dark & twisting with loads of energy, and if you get hit by the phasers be happy they're just set to stun and entertain.  Good theme and vocal content that gets the message across.

Round The Corner (Original Mix)

Very hypnotic dub stepped swagger to this one, with a quality sample of a vocal that begs high volume.

Woah (Original Mix)

Bring in the rumpus, and make sure the speakers are ready to face what is about to be unleashed upon them.  Step to the Dub, with a lovely haunting set of keys and 'ell of a b-line.  Top Rocker.

Strange Rollers - Break It Down - H2R034

Comprised of half dubstep and half breaks, this is truly something awesome for the music lovers of these genres.  Bringing in the total to a whopping 13 tunes, each with its own style of groove manipulating, I'm left simply speechless. Quality.

DJ Love - Double 0 Dub - AIRFIX029D

Original Mix, Andy McAllister Remix, Franci$co Remix and Timmy Schumacher Remix all go to make up this sweet little package.  Although each is worthy in its own right, the original mix seems to leap out from among the rest, perhaps due to its ease of breaks and slow rise in moods.

Paul Bassrock - Oldskool Karnage REDUX - BROCK032

Matta Remix, Jurassik Remix and Kid Chameleon Remix make up this set of hard hitters.  First is for the dubsteppa's that enjoy the extra roll with their beats, while the second remix faces more towards the nuskoolers, leaving enuough space for the final remix which takes the pace to drum & bass.  All capture their own essence extremely well.