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Friday, 29 October 2004 06:01

Formed in May 2003, ATB consists of DJ’s Mack The Knife, C Smoove, Rob Focuz, Idle, and Daddy Fingaz, with MC K.I.D, who combine in various configurations to produce an energetic DJ show covering the full spectrum of break-beat music.


It’s certainly not a scene for the feint-hearted, and the unique live experience continues to grow as the crew enter their 7th year as residents at rave-giants Raindance as well as headline slots at various events and festivals. The crew also have a bi-weekly show on nsbradio.co.uk (Tuesday 9-11pm GMT).

Individually, the crew have their own projects which include:


  • Rob promoting the long-running 'Monday Club' and 'Apply the Breaks' events at The Horn in St Albans 
  • MC K.I.D. continuing to excel as an MC at Garage nights such as 'Spreadlove Project' and appearing on MTV Base and Channel U with long time friends Vics and Trix.
  • Idle is well in demand for his top rate scratching skills, so much so that he spends more time in clubs than he does at home, as well as single handily keeping kettle chips and Cornish pasties alive.

    The Apply the Breaks podcast hosted by C Smoove is featured on iTunes and now receives an average of 5000 downloads an episode with a total of over 103,000 listeners to date.

The crew also produce their own tracks, the first release from Dekoy and Rob Focuz hit stores in April 2007 on Control Breaks Records. This was well received, spending the first 2 weeks of its release in the top 10 download and vinyl charts at Juno and Breakbeat Online.

The follow up, Bob Hopeless came out in December 2008 on Diverted Traffic Records to more critical acclaim you can pick it up at online music store Beatport. A third release by the pair 'Colonel K' landed in August of 2009 and is also available on Beatport.

In 2010 Rob also started working with Secure Unit. The duo's first release, an entry for a remix competition for  Myagi's Smartbomb was released on 'Pop & Lock' records. This was followed by a remix of UK Beat Cartels 'Carosel' which entered the trackitdown.net sales chart at #8 and received ctitical acclaim in IDJ and DJ magazine as remix of the month.

In 2011 Rob and Secure unit, under the Original Primate name, went on to release a remix of ‘Manila Sound’ for Silverfilter on Kick it Records, a remix of ‘Dropping Morgan’ for Enough Weapons on Ape, and their own debut E.P Battledance and Baseline Skanker also on Ape Music.

This year the duo have a wealth of new material coming out including their second E.P, and have started the year with a bang with the release of their remix of “Shoulder Roller” by D State, Darkus and Tension on Bassrock records.

As many have already discovered, the perfect way to get any party started is simply to Apply the Breaks!


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