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Friday, 29 October 2004 06:18

A founding member of ATB, MTK is the man who makes us sound good in the paper.



Mack The Knife Our Mr Knife's nickname followed a newspaper headline describing him cutting open the opposition's defence to bag a winning goal in a local footy game many moons ago. And the Knife is still a sharp observer of the beautiful game, these days the only playing he does regularly is the playing of vinyl.

So it's a game of two decks rather than two halves, of matching beats rather than beaten matches and of the challenge of encouraging people to dance rather dancing through challenges with courage. But it still involves the chasing of records - only of the underground, breakbeat kind rather than the goal-scoring variety. Mixing the breaks is sure to get Mack the Knife showing his pearly whites, in the words of the legendary Bobby Darin jazz number. And as the pseudonym might suggest, Mr Knife is keen to make sets cutting edge with a scratch or two included.

Mack caught the tail-end of old-skool rave after purchasing his first set of decks in 1994. Ten years since have included three years of drum and bass at Sheffield house parties and private club promotions, a flirting with funky house during travels in Australia and three years of breakbeat blending after being inspired by the sounds of the Plump DJs. Appearances include at St Albans' Monday Club and Breakdown events, at Luton's Apply The Breaks and This Is Oldskool gatherings, at London's legendary Raindance raves and on RAW FM. Mack is also now tied in to breakbeat magazine MOFO in order to help promote coverage of the scene.


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