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Friday, 29 October 2004 06:38

Rob is certainly a man in a musical focus - unless you meet him at the end of one of his infamous beer and vodka red bull sessions.

The life of a DJ, sound engineer and now trainee electronic music producer often throws up the possibility of enjoying a tipple or two.


And the slight blurring of the edges caused by marathon drinking crusades is what may have helped Rob add the z to the end of his surname.

Whether that is true or not, catching z's in the sleepy sense are not what you'd associate with a storming Focuz set.

Rob's early techno influences before progressing on to the breakbeat sound, means his play-outs often include hints of his stomping four-four past.

Dance bands such as The Orb and Orbital combined with experiences of the Megadog Sound System prompted Rob to start collecting vinyl many years ago, although he only started DJing in earnest from the turn of the millennium.

Since then he has become resident at St Albans' long-running Monday Club event, head-honcho at the same city's Breakdown gatherings and featured at Bedfordshire's Apply The Breaks parties.

Venturings into the capital have seen him play at Raindance, guest at Attitude in Notting Hill and Niceness in Clapham and spin on

Rob can also be found regularly laying down the beats in Camden's Traxx record shop



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