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Friday, 11 June 2010 20:04


Robs woofer trearing remix with secure unit of the UK Beat Cartels latest track has charted at #8 in the chart.

Snap it up now or be left behind the pack!!!

Debut release here from 513 and a track that has really caused quite a fuss at club level! You can hear so many different influences here including dubstep, electro and wonky house with an old skool laced breakdown! Sounds good doesn't it? Well check it for yourself and keep an eye on this new label!

uk meat and potatoe pie cartel

Press Feedback

MixMag - July 2010 Breakbeat Tune of the Month Rated 5/5
New artists, new label, what a start
Keith Wilson & Rob Hazell aka UK Beat Cartel, have been busy as individuals, presenting radio shows and dropping hard dance tracks while picking up the odd web-based award on the way.

Their debut fidgety peak time stomper has had a gutsy and provoking breaks make-over with industrial beats and a pulsating saw bassline.

It injects serious carnage, while retaining the originals hooks and twisted piano wind ups. What a monster.

Rennie Pilgrem, iDJ
Go out and buy it! 7/10

Tillate Magazine
New label from UK Beat Cartel. Setting out their label mantra on the first release; breaks, electro, dubstep and fidget. ‘Carousel’ has a definite good time party feel complete with whirling bass line, old skool pianos and dubstep fills. ‘Suddenly’ is equally as upbeat with 4/4 electro and 90’s pianos.

The breakbeat quotient comes from Rob Focuz and Secureunit who rip the bottom end out of the original and take absolutely no prisoners. Bad boy rolling breaks and kick ass attitude make this a real winner. Next up dekoy turns in his breaks re rub, a deeper broodier affair with electro flourishes but still with truck loads of energy to keep you locked on the dance floor. A great start for this new label. 8/10

Blah Blah
New labels seem to be popping up left right and centre at the moment as the dance community once again adopts a DIY mentality. With so many artists making use of new technology and the many avenues of self-promotion, there becomes an abundance of chaff amongst the wheat, but it’s worth sifting through it all to uncover stuff like this.

They kick off the debut for 513 Records with two genre-defying tracks and two remixes that blend influences from hardcore, breaks, dubstep and house and inject a huge dose of havin it fun.

Pure dance floor damage that cuts directly to the chase without passing go - and nicks £200 on the way!

Artist Support

UK Beat Cartel – Carousel (Rob Focuz and Secureunit’s Carrot Hell Remix) is awesome, lovin these drums, cant wait to play it loud!

Ben and Lex - Ape Music/NSB Radio
Big tunes these.. proper club action. The Rob Focuz is the one.. freaking awesome stuff. Full support on this!

Tony Tay resident @ Zouk Club (Singapore)Support for the "Dekoy's Lactose Intolerant Remix" from me! Nice!
Stereo MCs
Yeah... tasty tunes! Suddenly, Carousel and Lactose Free mix do it for me!