Grooverider Freed From Jail Print
Monday, 08 September 2008 19:06


Radio 1 drum & bass DJ Grooverider has been pardoned from his four year sentence for possessing 2.16 grams of cannabis. He flew back to the UK on Thursday September 4th, the BBC have reported.

The club pioneer was arrested last November when airport customs officials found the pot in his luggage as he flew in to play a gig, and he was locked up immediately serving 9 months in total. He was one of 700 prisoners pardoned by United Arab Emirates ruler President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to mark Ramadan, and was reported to be spending time with his family and friends in England upon returning home.

Back in Dubai, British expatriate Michelle Palmer – aka the ‘sex on beach woman’ as British tabloids routinely call her – pleaded her innocence in a local court. Ms Palmer faces a prison term for offending public decency after she was caught allegedly having sex on one of Dubai’s most popular 5 star tourist beaches Jameirah, with English holidaymaker Vince Acors.

Telling reporters she’s already ‘lost everything there is to lose’, Ms Palmer smuggled a note to a Times journalist in which a ‘close friend’ described her predicament. “She has been in hospital from panic attacks, on antidepressants and stayed in hiding for seven weeks,” the note read. “She’s a paranoid, scared wreck due to false allegations printed and she’s lost the job she loves.”

One Brit unlikely to make a visit back to Dubai anytime soon is Mylo, who recently name-checked the city when asked by the Guardian where he’d never go back to. “Never say never, but I can’t say I got a lot out of Dubai when I stopped off there last year,” the Scottish house star told the Guardian, “It’s fake and seedy and totally unedifying, like its cousin Las Vegas, which I also hate,” he added.